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Happy printmakers during some of the workshops:


A little feedback from  students:



"Hi Matt, thank you again for conducting such a carefully planned and wonderful workshop. You really spoiled us with all the preparation you put into it with the pre-cut paper, pre-cut blocks, jigs,and all the materials within hand's reach. Thank you for welcoming us into your home and shop the way you did. It was a very special event and I am grateful to have been part of it."

Lucie Wellner, June, 2007


"It would have taken me a couple of years to have learned what you shared in a weekend. Absolutely."

Ruth Rego, June, 2007


"I wanted to thank you for an incredibly rewarding workshop experience. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it except to say that I could literally feel all the tension of everyday life being carved away with the wood shavings. It was magical."

Mary Forrester, May, 2006


"Dear Matt, I thank you for the excellent workshop--maybe the best I've taken. I came away feeling I had gotten a complete sense of the Japanese woodcut and a love for the process of making it. For me it's definitely a gateway."

Ruth Ginsburg-Place, May, 2006

"I can't believe I am having to write you about this but it is true..... The check you sent me ($113) for class refund was eaten by my pug in about 60 seconds after it arrived. 
How could this be? As a teacher I never believed the "my dog ate my homework" excuse but this must be my payback. When you are able would you please resend?
Meanwhile, I have been working out some of the print challenges and making some progress.
Thanks again for a great intro to a most interesting and challenging art form.
B. H.", June, 2020




















































































































I have taught several woodblock classes each year since 1997.  That adds up to quite a few classes, quite a few students!
Each new class teaches new things.  When asked how I learned my craft I explain about being primarily self-taught, but I realize this isn't accurate.  That saying "to teach is to learn" applies to my case for sure, for I have learned the most from all the teaching over the years.

Here are print projects from a May, 2021 workshop at Snow Farm, a place I have taught each year since that first year of 1997.  Students' imagery is, from left to right, by Leigh Niland, Nancy McEwen, Valerie Kohn, Susan Gelotte, Christine Mendelsohn, and Nathalie Garfinkle.  It was a great class!






Prints from a class at the Art Sudents' League of Denver, CO in Feb, 2011:

Sable Horneck
josef beery
leslie koplow
linda mahoney
Alicia McKim
Janene Vandenburg
lisa ilsley
lucie wellner
ruith rego
Leon Loughridge Carol Blackstock Debbie Mueller-Hruza
Bewth Collier regina may Rachel Basye
Beth Collier-Fogdall Theresa Maria Widawski Rachel Basye


Below find a few pics from a class at the Concord Art Association in Concord, MA, April 11 - 13, 2008:

helen and bob
Bob and Helen printing on the last day.
denis, liz and penny
Denis carves while Liz and Penny work on other tasks.
At the end of the last day the class gathered for a group picture while Helen was printing her last block.

Prints from the workshops

Prints are approx. 4 1/2" x 6". Included are links on the names of students who maintain web-sites of their own work (look for underlines). Each student finishes and editions their print on the last day to be able to receive a portfolio of all the prints from the class. When you consider many of these prints were made by folks who may never have carved, made prints, or sometimes even taken an art class before, it is quite exciting to think of what this imagery represents!

Workshop of 2007:

josef beery
lucie wellner
leslie koplow
Lucie Wellner
Leslie Koplow
lisa ilsley
regina may
ruith rego
Lisa Ilsley Regina May Ruth Rego


Workshop of 2006:

Al Converse
Alex Forbes
Stephanie Stigliano
James Graham Ruth Ginsburg-Place Sara Norton
forrester   worsley
Mary Forrester   Jennifer Worsley



Workshop of 2005:

bissett   biaocco
Costanza Biaocco
debiase   gersh
Judith DeBiase   Michael Gersh
schecter brunner frenna
Stephanie Schecter Barbara Brunner Tom Frenna

Kristina Beal

Workshops of 2003.

kasmer white hattie
Cindie Kazmer
Deloris White
Hattie Friedman
  waller ekedahl
  Britta Waller Barbara Ekedahl
elmore buchbinder torrey
Kal Edmore Jane Buchbinder Margot Torrey

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Workshop of 2002:

Beth King
M. J. Spring
Lynn Desmarais
Paul Davis Brenda Asher


Margot Torrey


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Workshops of 2001:

  mortimer   peltier


Carol Mortimer


  Howard Peller



  John Cote


Linda Langlais



Susan McGrew*

    * (Susan said she had never taken an art class and had almost no experience making art. Her print and the way she went about making it made quite an impresssion on me. Click on the image for a larger view.)

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